Greetings To All From ToughOmbre...

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Senior Master Sergeant
Mar 18, 2007
Jersey Shore, USA
Gotta love this site! I'm a World War II collector, historian, buff, nut, enthusiast, but most of all a "Warbird" fanatic. My user name is a tribute to my father, a rifleman in the 90th Infantry Division (nicknamed by Patton the "Tough 'Ombres") who came ashore at Utah Beach on June 6, 1944 and later fought in the Battle of the Bulge. My favorite aircraft is the B-17, which in my opinion is the most beautiful airframe, civilian or military, to ever fly thru the clouds. Keep 'em flying!


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Wish I had more...He's the guy on the right. Five battle stars, CIB, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Invasion Arrowhead....Yeah, he's my hero.


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Youse is up north. Down here in below Trenton we got da Philly thing goin on. And we never go to the beach, its the "shore". :lol:

I almost met my end in trenton one night years ago. My wife lived there and went to school at TCNJ. Trenton is a sh*thole, and the rightful capital of that damn state :thebirdman:
As a lifelong resident I have to agree. But the southern part of the state is a little calmer. Years ago they tried to seperate from the northern half as a seperate state.

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