Greg of Auto and Airplanes has asked for a Debate

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I would suggest recording it for yourself as a hedge against any selective editing being done before the file being posted. Then at least you'd have an unedited copy if needed. If it turns out to not be needed, you can always delete it.
What I did do is strongly suggest that FlightLine Media retain the video rights, jointly or in partnership with Greg - but full authority to post on Youtube unedited, and no authority to edit and reproduce without my permission.. Greg and Andrew should have the right to monetize this debate.

Greg has been silent on the subject of written and published debate topic(s). That said, if he fails to do so himself - I will open with the definitions to lead the audience into my proof points - and restate at the end.

I don't think that Greg is balking (yet), but my insistence seems to introduce a factor that he has to mull over.
Greg chewed on my stated topics and suggested that they seemed close enough to agree his thesis. He did emphasize that he had nothig against the Mustang and his approach will continue to focus on AAF leadership failures to deliver the combat tanks which would have solved the long range escort problem.

So now we are in date planning for mid-April 'show'. I suspect that it will be in form of a joint Zoom call w/FlightLineMedia hosting and recording.
Posted to YouTube yesterday...


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Thanks - so far Greg has insisted that we do Presidential Debate style with no exhibits. I will not agree with that condition and insist on at least four visual artifacts.

If you are a Patreon, please post this -

" I recently corresponded with Bill Marshall and he stated that Greg was not permitting documents in the course of the debate, and Mr Marshall is quite curious that youhave stated that You will follow up with another presentation that he will not be able to rebut.

He feels quite strongly that he be able to rebut, via sourced documents, photos and spreadsheets, what you have spent hours of video exhibiting your 'facts' - but only let him (Marshall) 'speak' about his perspectives?

Is this a debate? or an attempt to limit the damage?"
Not in this debate but, as he also noted above, he will'redo' his P-47 series following this debate - and suspect he will pull his original 'Part 6'. I have given him everything I intend to use so it will be interesting to see what he chooses to attack prior to my part.

Either way, I look forward to watching it.

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