Hallo form Newbie

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Hallo all,

I have registered yesterday, however I have read and enjoyed many of the posts on the site. I must first of all say – it is a wonderful site with lots lots of information. I'm not a Pilot, but my son (11) has big ambitions to become one at my expense. I have therefore taken my children to many air shows, local displays and military museums and bought many coffee table books on the subject. As a young man I did sky diving and not far from the club was a glider club, many days I spend washing gliders to get a cheap flip. I have never passed on an opportunity to take to the sky.

Kind Regards form South Africa
Oh yes now we have another South African, I thought I was the only one from SA.

Welcome RSABear and hope you stick around.
lesofprimus said:
Yes please, so someone can finally translate some of Henks posts........

He he he, I am not so bad, you can ask Bear how other people in SA wright and speak English. I am Afrikaans so I learn by the day to speak and wright English even better.
Welcome to the forum RSABear!
It is really nice that Henk has found somebody from his country.
Besides, Henk should stand a glass of beer to Les.I don't say I'm good at English and I know I have to learn more to improve my skills.But ,as far as all Les' posts are understandable for me the Henk's not always, really. ;)
Why thanks Wurger, I learn from typing English the whole time on the net and from reading English books. Do not worry I was the same.

Ag les you are one of kind.

Well I hope our new member from SA will stick around and not just post once.

our English and the UK and US English differs quite a lot.
Welcome Bear!

Henk's English is pretty good, Its understandable which is the most important thing.

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