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Chocks away!

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Jan 16, 2005
Why wasn't this great fighter ordered into service? :confused: Disguss 8)

Role Day fighter
Crew one, pilot

Length 26 ft 11 in 8.20 m
Wingspan 30 ft 11 in 9.42 m
Height 11 ft 10 in 3.60 m
Wing area 156 ft² 14.5 m²

Empty 4,563 lb 2,070 kg
Maximum take-off 5,512 lb 2,500 kg

Engines 1 Daimler-Benz DB 601M
Power 1,175 hp 876 kW

Maximum speed 416 mph 668 km/h
Combat range 560 miles 900 km
Ferry range
Service ceiling 36,090 ft 11,000 m

Guns 1x 20 mm MG-FF cannon
2x 7.92 mm MG 17
machine guns
Bombs none


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Wasn't the Me109 more maneuvrable than the Heinkel He 100?
Though the high speed of the He 100 compared to the Spitfire, Hurricane, Me109 and FW190A would have allowed it do hit and run style high energy passes like the P40, F6F, F4U, P38, spitfire and P47 did against the Zero
What I remember (again, I have no access to my books now) is that the RLM found that the structure of the He 100 was not suitable for many further development and that the Me 109 was easy to buld.
At the time Messerschmitt was an 'outsider' and was not very welcome in the 'establishment'.

PS: do I remember wrong or the He 100 was fitted vith a total-loss evaporation cooling system?
That's great KK, but this is just a general reminder to everyone. Not everybody puts the source in the image properties.

Sources are to be shown, everybody. If you don't know or can't remember then just say "source unknown" or something to that effect, but we need something. It's just an ass-covering thing for the site, so your co-operation is much appreciated. Thank you all, and happy posting. ;)
cheddar cheese said:
I think Spain did use He-100's. Another country definately purchased some.

Spain as well as Romania used He 112s, not He 100s. A Spanish He 112 ( 5*68 ) even shot down (forced landing due to damage) a P-38F of the 14th FG over Spanish Morocco. :shock:
I'm pretty sure the reasons the 109 was chosen was because:

1) it was more easily mass produced

2) Messerschmitt won an air race gaining him favor with Hitler.


Lunatic said:
I'm pretty sure the reasons the 109 was chosen was because:

1) it was more easily mass produced



The he-100 was designed for very simplified production it was more simple and had lees parts than bf-109, because Heinkel learned the lesson with the He-112 in a hard way.

2) Messerschmitt won an air race gaining him favor with Hitler

I think the main reason of the lack of sucess in the He-100 was that it use tha same engine that BF-109, Bf-110.

The RLM ask Walther Gunther if this plane could be modified to accept the Jumo 211 engine, but the dimentions and performances of both engines were so diferent that Gunther refused to do so, sadly to the 100, the Jumo 213 was not available in 1940.


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