He-111 or Blenheim?

Hinekel He-111 or Bristol Blenheim?

  • Bristol Blenheim

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I love Blenheim, but with no doubt He 111 was much much much better. Blenheim was out of service in 1943. He 111 flew till end of war. Heinkel could carry more bombs and even 2 torpedoes. Blenheim couldn't carry even one. Maybe someone will say that Blenheim was not only a bomber, but also a fighter what can't be told about Heinkel. But what fighter was it? Poor. So my vote is Heinkel He 111.
He-111, and the only reason it was used throughout the war was because they had nothing else..................
Hey mate, i know the feeling....but if you stick by my code and ignore all facts, youll do fine ;) id love to side with you here and make an illogical argument why the Blenheim was better but......oh what the hell :lol: the blenheim was better ;)

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