Hello everyone I'm from vietnam

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Jun 9, 2006
I come from vietnam, I'm interested in weapon - all kinds. I want to know some websites of ww2 aircaft photo gallery. Especially,I want to get some information about ww2 aircaft in Vietnam war.

I am very appreciate if you share them to me.:p
There are tons of photos on this site and a lot of good information as well. Are there particular aircraft you are looking for? You are also welcome to have a look at my aviation photography website. I lost count, but there is somewhere in the range of 1,500-2,000 photos on my website now and it is continuing to grow. http://www.vg-photo.com

But there are shots that I have posted here as well that have not appeared on my website.
Good morning Vietman !!!
I agree with Lesofprimus.If you look around you can find what you need.

best regards
It was designed during WWII, but the A-1 never saw service in WWII. The C-47s were flown in many roles in Vietnam. I believe that B-25s also saw service in the early years.

P-3s if you like Spooky check this!
This picture is taken at a long exposure time, you can see the aircraft circling and raining down some hell.
Those are just the American planes. Howzabout the mig-17, -21, and whichever others the north used? Come to think of it i dont know much else of what they used... what else did they use???

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