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Apr 5, 2007
Boys i'am coming from Belgium ..

Like my Father ... Fighting with you in the RAF ..

I hope i will be welcome ..

My Mother Language is French .. but to be integrated i can also Make efforts in English ..

Hi boys see my site .. and clic on this .. remembering Waterlooo :p :p :p :p


Of Course i Know .. Baby .. Of germany ..
"By the Way" If it's a German Forum Says it immediatly i leave With Pleasure ...
What is that supposed to mean?

However if you have a problem with me being of German decent and living in Germany than you can take your happy ass and leave this forum. I am a moderator here and if I tell you politely that you dont need to pad your posts like that then I dont expect you to be ******* to me.

On another note I happen to be an American (go ahead and insert your foot into your mouth immediatly).
Well not sure what you said, but if you are going to insult me please do it in english. I did a tranlation online and the translation was very rough but I did not like it so for that you are banned my friend.

Note to other members of the forum. If a moderator tells you something in a polite manner please dont be a rude ******* back to them. It is not necessary and will get you banned.

Basically if you are not an ass, we wont be one.
Its was kid... under 13.

This forum is always a pleasure to read I come here very often because I like the discussions that take place here one can learn something since I like Warbirds, rc´s, play il2 and like aviation in general.

That guy had nothing to say... and didn't wanted to read anything.

Certainly the most stupid post I have read here.

Keep it going.

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