Hey hey..Finally got FB/AEP :)

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aussie jim

Feb 18, 2004
Hey chaps ..well ive been pretty quiet for a month or so..but im back :D ...i am in the process of upgrading to two 512 sticks of ram and an Ati 9600(128 meg) card...i only have a geforce 2(32 meg) and 224 ram at the moment so i am expecting big things from FB with the upgrade. 8)

Its pretty cool(terrain needs a savage workout) and the planes are sweet -will become an awesome game if more modding becomes available-terrains-skies-etc.At least skinning is a lot easier than EAW ..we have to use up to 10 or 11 plates for one plane sometimes and that can take a while whereas there is only 1 for FB..NICE.

How cool is the Mistel :shock: what a machine ..love it.I am currently doing the JV44 campaign by dude163 so i can use the D9 ...and the pacific side is due out in a few months..how cool is that stuff going to be.

Sadly i have put EAW into a folder with all the addons etc and zipped it up (its about 3 gig) as i only have time for 1 sim.Look forward to some cool times with this FB stuff.

So my upgrade will be done this coming week and then i can take FB of the low settings and really check it out.

I doubt I'll waste my time with FB...Pacific Fighters is coming in the Fall :D

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