Hi all

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I'd like to introduce myself. My real name is Rick and as you can see, I live in the Netherlands.
I've been into aviation for my whole life and I always enjoy watching aircraft (especially warbirds and classics:D ). I've flown with Radio Controlled aircraft for about 3 years before I started Gliding. I still fly and I'm looking forward to go for my PPL.

My dad has a Yak-52, RA3326K (ex LY-AQC). I've flown with it many times. I really like the Yak-52.

My Favourite Warbird is the F4U Corsair and my favourite bomber is the B-25 Mitchell.

I hope this is enough information about myself and I hope to learn more about warbirds and to meet nice people here 8)

Hello. One of the best introductions to date, as opposed to the usual delving in a getting slapped. Welcome to the site. We're all a bunch of clowns with a lot of hidden information, honest... just get to know us 'n' you'll be a welcome member ! :D
Clowns, well lets call this whole thing a circus, LOL LOL, Welcome Rick and like PlanD said you will have fun here.

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