Hitler in WWI

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Jul 21, 2006
Did you Know that Hitler's (he was a corporal at the time) Dugout was hit by a shell in the somme? It would of been extreamly lucky for the world if the shell was a larger caliber or the dugout roof was smaller. Note; he escaped with only splinters of metal in his face. Ouch!:shock:
Think the guy was wounded a couple of times including being gassed at least once. Gotta believe some dark spirit was looking out for him
He received the Iron Cross, Second Class in December 1914 and the Iron Cross, First Class in August 1918, an honour rarely given to a Gefreiter (equivalent to Private in German in WW1).

Also in 1917 he received a wound badge.

In 1918 he was temporarily blinded by a poison gas attack.
Soundbreaker Welch? said:
Did the Allies demand Hitler's doctors give up the medical information or were they quite eager to tell about the problems of their late dictator?

From what I have read (I do not claim to know 100%) they gave up the information willingly.
Also on the topic of hitler being wounded, a bomb plot in '44 blew his trousers of and half of his moustach
Pisis said:
They attempted an assasination on him numerous times, unfortunately never succeed.

Yeah, you know how those guys responsible were punished? they were hung by piano wire, I think they gave a gun to Rommel to shoot himself with but the others were hung
MM has got the story correct. Several attempts were made on Hitler's lift in World War II. One other was planting a bomb in his personal Ju-52, but the bomb froze at altitude and didn't go off.

In World War I, a British private had ready aim of Hitler but allowed the injured corporal to escape. The said private was awarded the VC later in the war, and was the focal point of a famous painting. This painting Hitler had in his mountain retreat, the Eagles Nest. I posted a story about it in the World War I forum.
In a way though we need people like Hitler to come along to allow us some perspective, we probably wouldn't be where we are today without him, the world would probably look quite different as well.
No we dont need people like hitler, Ill admit his come to be was a direct result of our ignorance, but the world would have been better off if the bomb under the oak table actually killed him
Even if Adolph Hitler would have been killed there would have been another person that would have been "hitleresque." If you believe in fate to any part or that some things are pre-destined to a degree it would have been a differnt guy with a different name with generally the same results.

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