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Senior Airman
Oct 5, 2006
New Jersey
I think this photo is a Horton but im not sure. I don't think it can be anything else. I found it on a VW site go figure ! not really deserving of it's on thread, but I threw it on here anyway
Stored at National Air and Space Museum Paul Garber facility in Silver Springs,
Maryland. It has, however, been moved to a better climate controlled building. It's significance isn't lost on the museum - just so many airplanes
but only so much money and manpower.
well if you're gonna be a pedant and the "the" is that important it should be The but i doubt it's that important how many aircraft have "The" in the name!
It was first the Horten Ho IX V-3 and then the Horten 229 and it were to be called the Gotha 229 one it became official and start full scale production. So yes all of them are in some way correct.

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