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Tech Sergeant
Hello, Good Evening and isn't that Train running late............

And welcome to Space's Slides

Headlines tonight:


Old Man arrested in Necklace Heist


In a nail-biting finish, a Sausage Roll wins the American Presidential Elections


Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney to become a fahter at the age of 64


Pamela Anderson is joyous after surgery as she leaves L.A's Plastic Dolls Hospital for the Criminally Blonde


Man recieve's a 2 Year Prison Sentence for breaking into his Small Share Holdings

.................and finally.


Hot Space wins the 2004 "Top Tottie" Award a School Reunion at the Northampton School for the Weird

Goodnight and recapitulation is just industrialized roughage.......
News flash! Mullet Men from Neptune descend on planet Earth in an insane quest for ultimate power - infecting all who stand in their way!

Some viewers may find the following image upsetting.....


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Breaking News on the Mullet infestation -

A high school prom in Turgidville, Nebraska ends in tragedy as efforts at containment in the region fail - Local National Guard units have been put on high alert.....


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Mind you, when I first joined the reserves, I was trying to grow a beard to make myself look older - the Staff told me to shave it off, not just to conform with military regs, but for my own good. :lol:
Put it this way, I realise now that senior NCO's generally know what they're talking about in most things. I told the guy so immediately after leaving the wash-room at the barracks, and he roared with laughter! It didn't join up properly for one thing, and..... well, the less said about it the better. In my defence, I had only just hit 20.
Oh well, it goes back to the the old saying; "If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined." :lol:

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