How Many Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines.......

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Oh PLEASE say it ain't so, Joe! (of course I mean 'Mike') Couldn't they get Nick Nolte or Robert DeNiro? I guess both too old. he**, I'd settle for George Clooney or Russell Crowe.
They should get Chevy Chase to play MacArthur.

June 1970 - October 1999, USNR, 5 years active duty in VAQ squadrons and 12 Active Reserve in VP squadrons, 8 years in a Vol. Training Unit (VTU) to finish out my reserve 'career' for retirement.
Chevy Chase for Mac
We lost a lot of helicopters that year. 30 losses.

we were based out of warhorse for a short while to help out in Baqubah, June/July, then back to Balad Ruz further east. They had a tank battalion, some cav scouts and arty based in Baqubah but wanted some legs so off we went.

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