I need an opinion

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Jun 15, 2005
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I have been trying to do this profile for someone - it's quite rare - a Curtiss XP-87, and I am really unsure about some stuff here...

What do you think of the cockpit? is it the right size and shape? should I show another strut in the front part? do you think the front part is curved or flat?

Also, I have placed some rivets just more-or-less at random - is this justified? should I have more? or none at all?

And I would like an overall opinion, especially concerning adding details etc...

Thanks! 8)


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Adobe Illustrator...

Oh, and here's the final version:

There's so few references, I just kinda stopped... :|


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Clave, first off let me preface this with your talent is of the first caliber and I could never approach your skill and patience. But you asked for constructive comments.

1. Based upon Gnomey's pic the cockpit needs more of an apex.

2. The nose may need to be stretched a little.

3. Is your pitot probe perspective correct? Perhaps down instead of up?

4. Windscreen looks a little too big compared to Gnomey's pic and equipment aft of the ejection seat should probably be researched (not in yours).

5. Aft lower tail (stinger) rises too quickly compared to Gnomey's.

6. Exhaust shield is not correct according to Gnomey's pic. More of a symetric convergence compared to yours.

7. The engine cowling needs more curvature towards the front end.

8. Upper tail needs more of a negative trailoff to the aft.

I wish I had an album of your efforts. As I have told you before, I own some lithographs that were given to me 30 years ago of WWII aircraft and your efforts are as good or better. Ever thought about a more formal way to keep your art?
Thanks for the comments!

I may have to come back to this later - I find doing all-black and all-white planes aggravating (They just don't work well with the shading technique I use) :|

All of my pics are on my site (good and bad) :)

But if by more formal, you mean a book, well I have no idea how that would work...

(Maybe the only book I see here is the history of Hawker?)

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