I re-designed my site..

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You need to allow scrolbars, neither the menu or the main frame area are scrollable with IE.

Try dropping the selection images by 50% to give more area in the main screen.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Not bad Clave. I didn't read the instructions when I first got to your site, so I had to go back to realize the national insignia were used for forward and back. So that might be a little confusing for some, but otherwise it looks great.
Thanks for looking - I now realise this is a work in progress, and must not assume that everyone is running a 20" widescreen...:oops:

Back to the drawing board...
I am going to run a minimum amount of frames and re-size everything - it's turning into a massive project now... :(

Here's a sample of the new picture size - I think it still shows enough detail...?


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Thanks :)

I'll probably jazz it up some later, but I want to get back to a new project right now...

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