IL-2 Sturmovk Help

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Jan 17, 2007
I have been a way for some time and now I'm back and need a brush up on IL-2
Can I add AMERICAN planes and how? Can I fly them?
Please respond.
PS...also any pointers to get the most out of this is apprecaited
Do you have the original IL2 or some of the expansion packs that have come after. "Forgotten Battles", "Aces expansion pack" or "Pacific Fighter". All of them have American aircraft in them.
I have the out of the box IL-2 Sturmovk. Does this mean I can't use American planes? I thought last year (it's been that long) I was able to use USSR, German and USA. Am I wrong?
I have IL-2 Forgotten battles which you can get for like £5 which has american aircraft in it..........
Yeah, I think Lanc nailed it. You have the original version. The add ons are the programs that have American planes.
FB has a few american aircraft like the P-47 and P-51 which you can fly but yes for more american aircraft you'll want the Aces Expension Pack or even Pacific Fighters.........
how are the graphics with both?

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