2014 Summer Forum Meet Up

Meet up?

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My 'house' will be moving to Fowlmere, in the form of the Tin Tent, plus a large, two-bedroom tent at the edge of the TT's awning, between Saturday and Tuesday, when Karl and I then hope to b*gg*r off to Arnhem, and possibly the Ardennes, for a couple or three days.
A flak gun will be installed to take care of any ugly aircraft which infringe the immediate airspace !
Apart from aforementioned uglies, all are welcome to visit the bar and BBQ - and there are two historic (i.e. ancient!) pubs just down the road in the village, used by both RAF and USAAF personnel during WW2 !!
Forgot to add - Andy, I've e-mailed further info on trains and 'tube' from Royston to Hendon, and there' also a 'normal' rail service, but it involves two changes, again via Kings Cross.

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