2014 Summer Forum Meet Up

Meet up?

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Good ideas everyone, I will leave this up for a few more weeks.

I am for something central as well. Oshkosh or Dayton. It is centrally located. That way east coasters would not have to head to the west coast, and west coasters would not have to head to the east coast. It just makes sense for costs and travel.
There's a group of UK guys that go there almost regularly (Airframes, Geedee, Rochie, Rocketeer). This thread's for us colonials and most would have a hard time meeting overseas.
Thought I'd give this thread a bump. Anyone still up for a get together in Dayton? Some time this winter or spring would be good for me. Things get a bit too busy in the summer.
First weekend in November is Wings Over Houston, this year is Vietnam. Collings foundation will have their F-4D and F-100F, there is to be A-1 and the CAF will have Texas Raiders and I think Fifi will show up but not sure. Ya'll come on down Houston way.
Please do David !
I'm hoping to get interest from members to meet-up at Duxford in September, for the BoB 75th Anniversary Air Show. I'll be there, along with my mate Mick and almost certainly Karl, and possibly Jan, and no doubt Gary and Tony (Geedee and Rocketeer) will be lurking around too. I've mentioned it to Wojtek, and, if memory serves, I think Andy (CR) might also be interested.
It would be great if as many members as possible could get together, preferably for a couple of days, so that we Brits can show you around the IWM Duxford, as it's too busy to do so properly during the air show weekends.

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