IL-2 vs CFS ????

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I don't know why he talked about purchasing extra aircraft for CFS3 - I have hundreds of them, all from pretty good to f**king incredible, and I got them for free. I've even participated in the design/build process for a number of them. Don't forget, Oleg won't give them to you, even if he does make the ones you want - which is far from certain!

At the moment, I'm working on a PZL P-24, a D.520, a Br693 and a Po631, none of which are likely to appear in IL-2. Certainly not for free, as well!
CFS gameplay is slow and quite boring, with lots of text when you get hit, as in a whole stack of text appears listing every single part damaged, like a hydraulic cable etc, IL-2 also has a mission builder built into it as you get it and the radio chatter imo is better...
i have both so trust me
I only play cfs3 from time to time because i wanna fly planes like the Re2005 and cause i dont have IL-2 complete edition

and i could bet that a Mediterranean expansion can come for IL-2
but for the time being, before i can save money for that

I'll hopefully be playing the MAW expansion ur working on
good luck!
I've only played CFS3 very briefly, and didn't care for it a bit. That was the out-of-the-box version, so I couldn't comment on any of the stuff ndicki says. However, I thought CFS2 rocked. IL2 may not have the free downloads available with the CFS series, but I agree with les. It's the best thing going right now, IMO.
The flight models in IL-2 are skewed to say the least. If you want a simulator, look elsewhere. If on the other hand, you want an "install it and run it immediately" arcade game, you're in the right place.

CFS3's saving graces come not from the package on the CD, but from the open architecture, which allows the community to set new standards. If you look at the website, you'll get the idea. Physics, not impressions, are used to CALCULATE the flight models. They are as accurate as it is possible to make them, and that is why upgraded CFS3 is a simulator, while IL-2 remains nothing more than an arcade game.

Take a read of the points made on this thread on SOH:

Pacific Fighters vs Combat Flight Sim 3 - Sim-Outhouse Forums

You'll see what I mean.
yeah, the only reason why CFS3 is good because of the mods, if Maddox enabled open architecture on IL-2 however, ....

besides, CFS3's landscape looks so boring and sterile and the game's kinda slow, well hope MAW solves that problem well!

You wanna have fun? play IL-2, want realism and mods play cfs3
the IL2 flight models are very very good.
they do use real physics in the sim where as MS in the MSFS and MSCFS series do not even try to use physics.

i have tried all the MSFS/CFS series and IL2 series and wouldn't waste the time on MSFS/CFS.

I am new to this particular forum but am not new to flight.
I am a RL pilot and currently Captain at a major US Airline. IL2 FTW.
IL-2 is realistic and fun
CFS3 is realistic but boring and graphics aint so good
Oh aye?


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you can do better nick, look at the screenshots thread and see
The point, which you've missed, is that the cloud formations are home-made add-ons by Guy 'Fox' Grynberg, and not stock CFS. Try that with IL-2 and see how far you get.
you can do better nick, look at the screenshots thread and see

Well, I've glanced at the PF screenshots, and frankly, I'm not that impressed. (Begins to prepare to be lynched by a howling crowd of blood-thirsty Oleg-worshippers...)
I don´t have a computer in my brain to evaluate flight physics, but what I see wen a bird goes down in IL2 reminds me all that videos from WWII, while in CFS it looks like a cartoon. I talk about the behavior in the latest travel to ground, the first images of the airplane before going down are good in both games, but in general terms IL2 is far, far, far, better: landscapes, details of the cockpit (¡¡only rest to Maddox make it interactive!!), colors (more "natural") etc, etc, etc.
Nice to sheer a pasion with others, keep posting, world.
Well, I've glanced at the PF screenshots, and frankly, I'm not that impressed. (Begins to prepare to be lynched by a howling crowd of blood-thirsty Oleg-worshippers...)
ok, I don't wanna start anything, but don't call anyone here an oleg-worshipper
and btw, if you do quick combat in dogfight mode and blow up a plane into pieces, it'll just keep spinning around mindlessly in the air, and another wont spawn until it's in the ground, never seen anything like that happen in IL-2

I'm not dissing CFS3 though, it's also a great game,but not my best preference (hope MAW turns out well :))

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