Info on Me262 with the BIG gun in the nose

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Dec 1, 2005
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Newbe here with a strange one..Hope OK to ask :oops:

I've come across only two pics in my travels of a Me262 with some BIG gun in the nose.. Look to be a A/A gun ... Any one know what I'm talking about?? It most hang out 10 feet ++ out the nose ... :shock:

Any info ?? Or pics .... What is it?? .. What was it used for ??? How many rounds did it holed ??? muzzle speed ??? Did it work as it should?? AND ???

Any help on this would be great... If it worked.. It most have been real nasty to the poor pilot in the Me262 and the poor SOB on the receiving end of it.. Thanks


One of the strangest variants was the Me 262A-1a/U4 "Pulkzerstörer" which carried an awesome 50mm cannon.... This was intended to be the ultimate bomber-killer...

Initially, two Me 262`s were modified to carry this new weapon, being flown and tested from Lager-Lechfeld during March and April of 1945....

Only 2 prototypes seem to have been flown...

The Mauser Mk214 cannon was easily one of the most usual weapons fitted to the Me 262. This large 50mm weapon took up the entire nose section with the barrel sticking out some 10 feet! So extreme was the installation that the nosegear was modified to rotate 90° during retraction, enabling the wheel to lie flat as opposed to the usual configuration. A revised wheel well door arrangement was also created to deal with the new layout. Incredibly, the colossal weight and shape of the "phone pole" sticking out of the nose didn't have much effect on the flight characteristics of the jet.

The fitting of the Mk214 to the Me 262 was an effort to create an effective bomber-killer that could attack enemy formations from long range without being subjected to the bomber's defensive fire. It was estimated that a single hit from a 50mm cannon would be sufficient to cripple an Allied bomber. The development, by Mauser, of a 50mm nose mounted cannon was thought to be the answer. The resulting variant was designated the Me262A-1/U4 and was known as the Pulkzerstörer.

The ammunition cartridges were supplied to the weapon via a belt, from the left of the weapon. The cartridge was released by the ejector, which opened a wedge catch. This catch locked into place whilst the loading platform ran back into its resting position, ready to load the next shell. At this point, the firing sequence for the first shell could take place. Two electrical contacts closed in preparation for shell ejection, and these were activated by the interlocking of the wedge, and also by the loading platform being in its stationary default position. These switches operated the electric ignition of the cartridge, which in turn fired the weapon. At this stage, the ejector opened, and moved the wedge catch, allowing the ejection of the used cartridge. The 2400kg recoil of the weapon was alleviated by a hydraulic damper. The renewed introduction of the loading procedure took place pneumatically.


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damn guys that 50 mm should definetly punch a hole in any bomber!

they never used it in combat bcause the war was almost over but if the war took 1 or 2 years later thing would defintely be different.

i would like to see it fly but ive heard they were pretty dangerous bcause the engines werent stable so the never flew on full speed, here's a pic of 1 flying in belgium.

crowdpleaser. :)


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During testing, firing at ground targets, the cannon operated fine but during 2 operational test flights on the 16 April, the cannon jammed. Pilot was Maj. Wilhem Herget

Wilma Jeanne was originally named by S/Sgt Eugene Freiberger of the 54th ADS after his 3rd wife to the capured a/c, WNr 170083, and later flown by Watson's Wizzers. The a/c crashed on the transfer flight to Cherbourg, June 1945, with German test pilot Ludwig Hoffmann who escaped unhurt. The name Wilma Jeanne was changed to Happy Hunter II after Watson's son, Hunter.

The Classic Publication 4 vol series on the 262 has many photos as well as text on the a/c.
On a MS flight sim I have, that is one of the Me-262 models. It freaking hilarious to shoot the thing at B-25s or B-26s. But I know, it's just a sim (right Sys?)
to add to KK's posting Herget did not test the Me 262 kanonvogel, it WAS used operationally in JV 44 and flown twice against B-26 formations and upon setting up the attack with Willi at the helm, the cannon on both occassions jammed. flying back very pissed Herget felt the unit should be shelved; my opinion as well. Sadly Herr Herget quite the night fighter ace, passed away some years ago
Incredibly, the colossal weight and shape of the "phone pole" sticking out of the nose didn't have much effect on the flight characteristics of the jet.

that's what les posted before but i don't know if that applies for the firing........
well in a -262 i doubt any slowing down will have a last effect and with a gun of that calibre with that RoF and on a plane that fast you're going to get 1 shot per pass pretty much, any effects on your flight path/aim wont really matter.............
well it was one of those late war Luftwaffe experiments to make them still on the cutting edge till wars end over every other nationality.

It was a filure and was not going to be pressed further, the prescence of the successful R4M would be treated into mass production had 46 onward happened with a more controllable guided rocket system. Pulling jet mph off was not what the jet pilots wanted nor needed with the superiority in Allied fighters. From what I hae found the Mk 108's would have been pulled off in time and replaced by faster firing 2cm weapons with longer range and a slightly longer fuselage and streamlined canopy for speed and endurance

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