Introduction and request.

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bob breckel

Sep 21, 2006
Adrian, Michigan
My names Bob Breckel and I am from Michigan.

I am a retired aircraft fire and rescue person who still trains airport and fire people on that topic.

If any of you folks have fire and rescue information on warbird types, please communicate with me.
I am putting together a program that provides basic aircraft fire and rescue on warbirds for firefighters and need information about warbird types that show things that fire and rescue people need to know. Things like how to getinto the aircraft and rescue the occupants and of course the basics such as fuel quantity loads, rescue points, doors, etc. 3 view drawings and cut away drawings are a great help.

Anything anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

And if anyone needs something of the same nature on more of the modern aircraft types let me know and I'll be glad to share with you.

I am looking mostly for world war 2 stuff and some korean types. I was in the Air Force in the middle 60s and have stuff on those types til now.
Anything will help out.



PS you can also e-mail my home address of: [email protected]
You might want to check with a local CAF chapter, Bob. They can be a wealth of information for questions like this. There is a West Michigan Wing in Grand Rapids, although I don't know where that is compared to where you are.

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