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I understand

Finding honest polls is difficult and I totally ignore any on "social" media.

One poll run by the Queensland government a couple of years ago had roughly half the responses from a single IP address so you can see how honest that one was. Non the less they obeyed the poll as that was their aim. Many believe that the IP address they refuse to name belongs to a minister or a certain union.
Recent Japanese people seem to pay more attention to the politician's fashion first to judge than before. An influencial fashion commentator Don Konishi criticizes Kishida's fashion.

"It's pathetic. What are in our prime minister's pockets? As long as I have checked photos of his visit to Korea, his suit showed strange wrinkles from stuffing something in his pockets. Since he is a serious person, it is impossible to imagine that there are some pieces of bread left over from the in-flight meal service. Hmm. My guess is that they were full of memos and materials for the meeting.

Needless to say, outer pockets of a suit are design elements, not something to be put inside. If you want to put something in your pocket, it is common sense in men's fashion to use the inner pockets. Otherwise the suit will lose its shape and destroy the design.

This lack of leeway may be why he fails to show the dignity as a prime minister of Japan. He looked wanting to be rewarded by his hard working before but once he has become the leader of this country, this will be a different story. Please use the inner pockets first if efforts are necessary, Prime Minister."


Kishida is certainly a hard worker but, as Don Konishi pointed out, looks working hard as a best "servant".
He was a good assistant of PM Abe and waiting for being nominated as the next PM but Abe appointed another guy Suga.
Abe would have known Kishida's nature.


There are many good corporate leaders with dignity in Japan but Japanese politics would be too earthy for such cool guys/gals to get involved.
Kishida may be better in politics.

Suntory Holdings CEO Takeshi Niinami - one of the cool corporate leaders.

Muneo Suzuki (75) is a well-known pro-Russian politician as a member of neo-nationalist party Ishin. Since the war in Ukraine broke out, media began to introduce him in the style of making fun like "Hey guys, old Muneo is saying something again."

Japanese media does not stand on Muneo side but does not ignore him either.
Yes, there are many pro-Russians in media too.

Media: It's been over eight months since Russia invaded Ukraine. How do you understand why the war broke out?
Muneo: Violation of the national sovereignty and the territorial expansion by force are unacceptable. But in a war, both sides have their own justice. Remember, in the last war, Japan was also condemned by the world but Japan had its own justice. At the moment, not only Europe and the US but Japanese political leaders, media and even public opinions are entrenched in this formula - Russia is bad and Ukraine is good but I don't think so. Why did Russia have to lauch the special military operation? ......etc. etc. etc.

Muneo Suzuki

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Itsuro Nakamura (66), scholar of international politics, honorary professor at Tsukuba University and professedly expert of Russian politics. He is popular especially on TV. He was proud of himself as Putin's friend before but now says nothing about it. My impression about him is represented in this local Q&A forum.

Q: Mr. Itsuro Nakamura who often appears in Russian-related news on TV is spreading rumors many times as a Russian expert. Why is he popular? He said, with absolute certainty, on a TV show that Putin would give a remote speech on Victory Day but Putin appeared normally or that there will be all-out war with NATO or that Trump will stop the war and so on. Why doesn't the media discard him?

A: Among Russian experts, he is recognized as a liar.
If the media is using him for a good audience rating, this will be too irresponsible.

I agree.

Itsuro Nakamura

Photo: https://www.nikkei.com/content/pic/...E2E2E2-DSKKZO9861412018032016MY7000-PB1-1.jpg
Japanese media bites master's finger.

Shotaro Kishida (*Kishida's son) scandal puts focus on policy affairs secretary role

"Summit for Zelensky - Kishida gave Zelensky an inch to be taken a mile"

"Ukrainian President Zelensky made a surprise visit to Japan to attend the discussions at the G7 Hiroshima Summit. Meanwhile, A-bomb survivors were concerned if the significance of holding the event in Hiroshima had been diminished."

Criticizing Kishida's son escalates but point to criticize looks wrong to me as a young guy makes mistakes many times to be better.

"Prime Minister Kishida's 'Super stupid son' Shotaro also has the DNA of taunting the people. He and his friends enjoyed Year-end party with 'Cabitnet Play' on the stairs of historical PM's official residence."

This is the super stupid son.

"Besieged man arrested in Nagano. Admits suspicion.
Police arrested 31-yo eldest son of Nakano City Council Chairman on suspicion of killing four including two police officers. The man shot something like a hunting rifle in Nakano City, Nagano Pref. yesterday."


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