Japan and Japanese

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Saw this the other day:

JSDF F-15J 'Mount Fuji'.jpg
Global leaders put wreaths in Hiroshima but encourage the war in Ukraine.
What were they educated at school? Curious.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sVN6E2aUZs

They were taught to stand up to bullies (aggressors who start fights just to get their own way).

If you do not stop bullies early they keep on getting more violent. The rest of the world should have stopped Putin when he invaded Crimea and the current war is the direct result of not stopping him then.
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Wise gentlemen:
I don't mind whichever NATO expands its power to the east or not.
I hope that such a "family" trouble on the west end of the continent will not involve the rest of the world.
You must know that our money and resources are not endless as old Biden and young Zelensky hope.
Work hard first for the better future :)
The Russian's claim it is a family problem and that Ukraine has always been part of Russia. They also claim that they invented the Cyrillic alphabet and their military are invincible. None of these is true

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