Japanese Aircraft markings and Camouflage

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Aug 21, 2006
This thread will be for the discussion of Japanese aircraft markings and camouflage.
Different types of kill markings found on various kinds of Japanese aircraft



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    Japanese Victory markings.JPG
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Here is an additional colour shot of Japanese victory markings, these are primarily found on Navy aircraft.

Image credit : Model Art No. 272 Camo and markings of the Imperial Japanese Navy Fighters in WW II


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    Japanese Victory markings.JPG
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This first image is of an A6M2-N Rufe, the seaplane version of the Zero.

This aircraft was flown by Lt. (J.G.) Keizo Yamazaki of the 802nd Naval Air Group, based at Shortland Island, February 1943.
The 3 'hatchet' victory markings were allocated to the aircraft, signifying successes by several different pilots.


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A6M2 Model 21 Zero.
X-183 flown by Petty Officer Second Class (PO2c) Yoshiro Hashiguchi, 3rd Air Group, Bali, Dutch East Indies Feb.1942.
This Zero was also flown by other pilots, so the 11 victory markings are again the successes of more than one pilot.
Hashiguchi was Killed in action at the battle of Leyte Gulf in Oct.1944, having scored 10+ personal victories.


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Just for everybody's convenience. A tentative job.


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Calling Shinpachi! or anyone else that can help!
The following inscription was applied to a P1Y1 Ginga or Frances of the 762nd Kokutai.

I have 2 differing interpetations of the information from 2 other sites, can someone translate what it says please so I know which is correct?

Source Famous Aircraft of the World, Special Edition No.1 Navy Bomber (Ginga)


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    Frances Inscription_a.JPG
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Here is my translation -

"Destination Mr.Takeo Azusa goes is in the darkness with the clouds ranging thousands miles

Let the enemy's sky expose and dye it fire color

Mr.Masaru Ochiai"

I also attach an image of my working table for your references.

Good day!


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