Japanese Aircraft markings and Camouflage

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I have a question and I would like to know what colors could be painted the ki-27 nate 10th independent fighter company as the image

Famous Airplanes of the World says - Till May 1940, fuselage in grey, cowl in grey or red, tail wings in black with bordering in white, designation stripe in white, propeller in brown. After that period, fuselage in grey, rudder and spats in either red or blue or green or yellow depending on the squadron No.1 -4.

Further details are unknown.

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There were three Chinese Characters for my consideration, 荻(Ogi), 萩(Hagi) and 嵌(Kan).
Ogi seemed best in both shape and meaning.

Hagi is a bushclover.
Kan means fitting something to something.
Rokaku p-40n The Air Force of the Republic of China. In 1944, the pilot surrendered to the white screw-in-the-air airfield of the Japan Army and was rokaku in a state of intact. It was flown to the mainland Japan after an elaborate test flight by chief Honma of the third squadron of the Flight 4 8 Squadron was executed.

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