Kurt Welters A/C

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Jan 4, 2007

Which other a/c did this ACE fly besides...the ME262.....FW or 109 s????

Yours truly

He flew Bf-109s and Fw-190s before he started flying Me-262s. He is accredited with 63 victories in only 93 missions. 56 of his victores came at night and he is accredited with killing 33 Mosquitos.

He did not start flying the Me-262 until 11 Nov. 1944. He is the most succesful jet fighter pilot of the 2nd WW2. He is accredited with 29 kills in the Me-262 of which 27 were Mosquitos and 2 were 4 engine bombers of which one was a Lancaster.
thanx...m8...do you know any sources of materiali think foremost of pictures of his a/c

horrido unten......boden ziele

Oops sorry yes that was supposed to be 1944. Good catch Lanc. :lol:

No I dont know of where you can find any pics of his aircraft. I also dont know if he flew the Bf-109 in combat because his first combat mission was in 1943, therefore he probably only flew the Fw-190 and the Me-262 since before the 262 he was in a Wilde Sau unit.
he is not the most successful 262 jet pilot ............ nearly 1/8th of his kills are just claims if not more, and do not correspond to downings of RAF a/c. Kurt will be covered in our future volumes on the Mosktio-jagd.

yes he flew the Fw 190A-5 in JG 302 and confirmed 17 kills for starts before he went into JG 300, 1./NJGr 10 and finally set up his jet kommando. flew the Bf 109 at night and also the Sturm FW 190 while in 5.Sturm/JG 300 on daylight ops

there are photos of him and his a/c

like I said we have him covered real well
give me a moment my head is banging hard, been out in 0
F weather for two days and now down in the valley at 34F the weather change should say the altitude change was too fast for me today and my eyes are ready to pop out .......

whew just downed a glas of wein

Kurt Welters claims and that is what they are for end of March-May 45 are pretty much nil and void and according to the text in our book you will one day read .... Welter is accredited with kills confirmed by other piloten in his Kommando !! 8) Welter was one of the ultimate Luftwaffe propaganda tools during 45

my cousin Hans Baer was the top jet scorer with 16 kills. Hans went into III./EJG 2 on 14 of February 45 where he did nearly all the jet kills. On April 27, 45 he was in JV 44 with the Galland experten of misfits, more likely escapees of the war. by the way a book is in preparation on this ace of aces .........
and for being a stupid drunk (Welter) the guy could fly. On 1 Anti-Mossie mission flying a single seat 262 Welter came in almost sideways onto the airstrip, and at the last minute straightened out applying the brakes in a strange fashion and nearly ran off the runway
@ erich...those pics ....ehh any links...????



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