Lancaster Carburettor

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Ok, I have been set a challenge- to name all the parts of a carburettor :rolleyes: I think the challenge was set for a bike or car carb. But as I love the 'Lancaster' I thought .... if your gonna name parts.... then choose something you love.
Now I need HELP.
I know a fair bit about the Lancaster ... well for a girl.....(I can't believe I just said that), such as I know that they had four Merlin Engines, I know that by carefully shaping the fairing round the lower edge of the dorsal turret improved the air flow and gave an increase in internal fual capacity. And other such stuff.... but finding out about any type of carburettor used in the Lancaster ( or the Manchester come to that)...I need help with ??????? PLEASE anyone out there. :lol:
Thank you all, Crippen (Bev)
Lets see here...

The Lancaster was powered by 4x 1,640HP Rolls-Royce Merlin 24 engines. The Merlin 24 was sporting a SU AVT40 2 barrel updraught carburettor with automatic mixture and boost control.

Hope that helps, if you need any more info, just say so :D
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Right I still need carburettor help.
Now Crazy told me that the Lancaster had the following Engine and Carburettor.....
4x1,640HP Rolls Royce Merlin 24 Engine. with SU AVT40 2 barrel updraught carburettor with automatic mixture and boost contral.
Now I have been on the Merlin 24 Engines site and they list the Carb as being a Bendix- Stromberg injection ( with no float chamber... less chance of cutting out.... clever hey). Anywaysup!
I can't find listed parts and I need listed parts, if I am to learn the parts of the Carburettor used in a Lancaster.
Anyone enthusted enough to help me!!!????? she says begging and groveling ;) PLEASE!
Thanks. Crippen ( Bev)

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