LED Christmas Lights

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
I am planning to change the Christmas lights for my house for next years holidays. So this morning I headed down to Walmart and Target to see if they had anything on sale, and I was amazed that there were no LED style lights to be had. But there were hundreds of box's still on the shelves for the old style C21 and smaller incandescent lights.

Has anyone noticed the same thing in your area's? Does it look like the old types of lights going the way of the slide rule?
LED lights certainly do offer a massive energy saving so i don't see a problem with them, we still use the incandescent type but not much, over here the Government advised everyone to get LED ones because of the energy savings so maybe they'll be commonplace in the future........
There are many online shops available where you can buy <MOD edit: link removed> at discount rates. They offer a wide range of lights to select as you can see in Walmart and any other shopping malls. Also LED lights certainly helps to save energy and attractive , so i prefer LED over others.
I went with arctic light last Christmas, makes you feel like your on the north pole :D

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