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cheddar cheese

Major General
Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England

After reading a post about Hans Ulrich Rudel being the most highly decorated German soldier, It gave me an idea. Why not give site members awards for doing stuff to the site? For instance You could get awards for porviding pictures to the album, being helpful towards others etc.

Then when someone gets an award/medal, it shows up on their profile and says why yhey got it and they date they got it.

Just a suggestion :D
Whats going on with the whole combat kills thing anyway? It aint exactly what I had in mind and it seems kinda pointless and hard to understand.
yeah i didn't think we'd get them for every post, just like really good ones and how do you work out if we get any for helping people and stuff like that???
Yeah, what determines how many we get each time? cos i done a post earlier that only included a smilet and got 28 kills for it...well actually they do say looks can kill ;)

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