Mi almacén de "Siggys"

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Aug 21, 2014
México City
I intend this to be my new siggy to start 2018!


Later I will try to recover the previous ones to have updated my warehouse.
My Siggys warehouse = Mi almacén de Siggys

Luis Carlos :thumbup:
Gracias!! ...ya quedó
Thanks!! ... it's already
Hello ... I do not know how many times I have asked the same question. o_O

But now that the year starts I want to change my siggy and I've been looking at the links for a while and I do not know what I'm missing.
This is the new image that I want to put in at the center and I already have it to the final measure.
If someone from the Staff can support me, I'll thank them.

My new Signature starts this 2019:


I have no problem if they do the update directly.

Saludos y gracias
Luis Carlos :thumbup:

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