Military hand to hand fighting

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Nov 5, 2005
I am really asking all our military guys (including our knowledgeable MODS) here (or anyone else) who has this information about hand to hand combat. I want any links or webpages or PDF, etc on hand to hand combat used in the military. I am not looking for links or information on Martial Arts in general, I can find them. I want hand to hand training used or done in the military.

Here is one I found US military, not sure if it is complete or not.


I hoping for more manuals, I don't care where they are from or what styles or who wrote them. Special forces or Canadian or British or where ever.

Thanks Guys
Hunter, for what its worth, take a look at URLs related to Soldier of Fortune. They periodically have articles, advertisements, and techniques posted that are non-classified standard military fare.

Okay, Les. You can laugh now.
Sorry I dont have any info either for you. We learned hand to hand combat in basic training and then after basic training we would learn combatants regularly as part of our training. We however never recieved any books or anything it was all hands on training.
Thanks I will look at that. The reason I want to look at it is b/c I want to see how good it really is. I am not looking at using it or anything. As some people know I love Mixed Martial Arts (see my homepage or link in sig if you are interested more in MMA or TMA), so I was just interested in seeing what the military trains you guys in and how effective it really is.

I have read several manuals, seen 20 or so videos, and several webpages on military hand to hand combat. I was just hoping to find anything more that perhaps you guys were aware of. What I have heard (not 100% sure or not) the US military hand to hand training is much better than our Canadian training.

Thanks anyways, have a great weekend.
A good reference for hand-to-hand that is taught to the British an Americans is "Get Tough" by Capt. W. E. Fairbairn. It was written in 1942 and many of the things in that book are still in use today. I was handed a copy of the book a few years ago, after I got out of the AF, and recognized a lot of the info in there.

Fairbairn also was the man behind the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife.

I will warn you that the methods taught are ruthless and deadly. To quote the Captain:
In war you cannot afford the luxury or squeamishness. Either you kill or capture, or you will be captured or killed. We've got to be tough to win, and we've got to be ruthless- tougher and more ruthless than our enemies
I never did any. :oops: A sad comment on my ability is that I long ago came to the conclusion that if they were that close, then I shouldn't be there. I soon moved to France, where the people understand such an attitude more readily. :D
We were trained constantly in hand to hand... The bottom line was to disable and silence ur target as efficently and diligently as possible, most involving pressure points, throat and base of skull....

Most hand to hand involves knife use, and Fairbairns' tactics are as good as they come, although I found them to be slightly passive... I used to have an original Fairbairn Sykes 2nd Pattern, but gave it to my Chief who retired after his 4th Purple Heart...
I still have mine. I did carry it, but only used it once for it's intended purpose. Worked as advertised...but I still prefer rifles and machine guns. Can't say I cared much for the close in fighting.


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We were trained constantly in hand to hand... The bottom line was to disable and silence ur target as efficently and diligently as possible, most involving pressure points, throat and base of skull....

That is the same kind that we learned. I am pretty sure it was the same training as yours, just that SOG recieve the training way more indepth and much more than the regular military.
We got into it more deeply than the average grunt... From Israeli to Turkish, SAS and Filipino Knife Fighting (Kali - Modern Arnis - Sasamba)... We learned all the tricks...

Very nice knife Eric, mine looked quite similar, and I did have the opportunity to use mine with some frequencey....
I often wonder why I have hung on to that thing for this long. It rarely leaves the scabbard, and has not been used to cut anything at all for 20+ years. I guess it will come in handy when my daughter gets to dating age. I gotta make sure those young romeos know that dad means business.
lol.... Eric, think what that knife will be worth when ur great grandson trys to sell it on Ebay.... Theyre about 300-350 bucks right now, so multiply that X 10.... Would be a nice heirloom, especially since it saw service....

My former Cheif C. has his gift from me in a shadow box with all his decorations and awards... We made it up for him as a going away gift from Det. Foxtrot.... Never saw the man cry before....

Just about all of us carried and used them in one way shape or form.... Great if not the best balanced fighting knife ever made...

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