Mossie nf vs He 219 nf

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May 20, 2004
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Gents since I am a new guy here has this topic been covered at some length ? If not I would like your opinions on the two night fighters. I have my own, but have it.............. !


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I ask this because there are many He 219 afficiando's out in cyberland. the Heinkel was Mossie fodder, but will let other's respond before my lenghty diatribe..........

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I must make a rebuttal now. thanks for opening this up............maybe this was on purpose ? hmmmmmmmmmm

the He 219 was a piece of crap and only I./NJG 1 flew the a/c in combat. NJG 5 tested one as well as nachtjagd staffel Norwegen with un-impressive results. NJGr 10 had two and were tested with new weapons and radar systems and both failed with broken backs and left on the side of the tarmac at Werneuchen. so unimpressed was NJG 1 with the machine that only the I.gruppe flew it along with possibly 2-3 other pilots of II and III. gruppe, III./NJG 1 transferring out of the Bf 110G-4 to the Ju 88G-6 but still flew a mixture of 110's as well.

the He 219 suffered primarily from a weak engine power components along with weak wing spars. Crews of I./NJG 1 pulled usually two of the 2cm weapons from the ventral tray as 6 cannon were not needed. Most of I. gruppes Uhu's did not have rear warning radar and this is where the term Mossie fodder came into being. the a/c had mechancial faults with it's ejection seat system and there is docs covering at least two seperate crew fatalities where the crewmen were ejected through the canopy.
No rear gunner or defence although this was being worked on by war's end. another pair of eyes was a necessity in 1945 as Ju 88G-6 units were making this an almost common place with a fourth crew-member.

lastly for some unknown reasons the He 219's were not equipped with the latest in radar technology possibly due to the narrow nose and limited space thus not able to encorporate the newer Berlin AI dish and a limited cockpit for the radar operator..................

some things to consider


I have heard that the He-219 never received the official backing that other types had. That would probably explain the lack of the newest electronics being installed. I've heard several conflicting reports on the 219 that maybe you could clarify Erich. On one hand, I have heard that a 219 shot down several Mossie bombers on one of its first sorties (something most Luftwaffe nightfighters couldn't match). On the other hand, I have heard that it was woefully underpowered for a plane of its size.
This isn't on the He219 because we all know, with little exception, that the Mosquito was better. But, Erich, was the Bf-110 first used by Jg7? I've read it in two different books, but I want to make sure...
no it wasn't. JG 7 or it has been claimed that in II. gruppe there were Bf 109's. Some pics have been attributed to that gruppe showing cracked up Messer's but the rumpfbands are not red/blue but yellow/red of JG 301.

III. gruppe and then I. gruppe operated the JG 7 from the start and II./JG 7 was developed extremely late in the war.............

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nobody has all the answers that is why we should research as much as possible, and I do not mean the internet as the prime source. go grab some good references and go interview some vets to capture the best of all around experiences............

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I've got it the Bf110 first flew with I/LG 1 [Intructional Division], this Gruppe becoming I[Z]LG 1 on Jan 1st 1939. - Others were issued to I/ZG 1 and I/ZG 76 in the early months of 1939 also....and....the DH 98 was the supreme nightfighter....

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