My War Scrapbook

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Airman 1st Class
Mar 22, 2005
I updated my war scrapbook nearly everyday with new photos

check it out @

plz sign the guestbook and if you have any ideas plz tell me.
thanks for that suggestion ill add one within 10 minutes :D just for you :p
yea i looked long and hard for them :D

the videos are worth a look im uploading 1 now
I used to make them quite heavily. I enjoyed doing it as a hobby when in computer class when I was in High School and when I was on my first Army deployment to Kosovo in 2002-2003 to help pass the time. I honestly can not remember the addresses of them but I have a Gen-13 comic site out there, a Metallica site out there, and a Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal website out there.
Thanks for the comments,guys keep checking any yes any pictures you have would be great,just email me them :)
thanks alot, didnt take long to make just a simple cloud bg and cut round image added text.

Well i dont really want shots of weapons,but anywar ranging from ww1 to modern day would be great,but they have to be public images or yours.

"A Unknown AA gun rumoured (Flakgerät 4)"

Actually, I believe this was a "personalized" Flak cannon of the type made at German and French airfields in 1944-1945 after D-Day to serve as makeshift defense against the huge numbers of allied aircraft. Guns were taken from aircraft, I will try to get a photo of this.



Actually, these were transport pods that could be dropped in a dive for quick moving around of officers. There was of course a parachute to slow the fall after release.

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