My WW2 Aviation Photgraphy

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I'm a pilot and do aerial and fine art photography. Thought you guys might enjoy this view.-Chris
I had the rare opportunity of being able to crawl around atop the mid section at the museum in Middlesboro, Kentucky where she is based, to obtain very detailed photographs. I had to really earn Bob Cardin's trust to be able to do that. If you followed her story, he was in charge of the expedition on the Greenland ice cap when they went to retrieve her and is presently the museum manager and caretaker of her.
Thanks for all the compliments guys. When I did my last shoot of Glacier Girl last April, they were running up the engines and finishing up an annual inspection. They had some plans to replace some tires and do some adjustments on the brakes. All seemed to be stuff they could do there, I would think. I really don't know why it would be out in California. I do know that Steve Hinton is the only guy they go to to fly it in airshows. I just sent Bob Cardin an e-mail this morning about what their plans where regarding the upcoming airshow schedule. Their web site may say also. Lost Squadron Museum - Glacier Girl - Middlesboro, KY
Nothing on their website. I was hoping to catch a shot or 2 of the old girl while she was out this direction. I will keep asking about. I will check with the guys at Planes of Fame. They may know.

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