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Little preview;

Oh yes, if someone has got a nice HIGH (!) resolution image of a nice warbird, let me know. I am always looking for some nice birds to draw (still have not drawn a P-39, Corsair, P-40, FW-190 etc...).
Well, because I have not got a nice signature, and I wanted to try another one. And i'm not fond of the first one.. 'Naethuijs' ain't exactly a nice name as well...
the 109 looks very suspicious due the the angle of the bird and the characteristic white dual stripes on the spinner. appears very close resemblance to one of our artist's renderings of Rall being chased by Jugs of the 56th fg, when Rall got his thumb chewed off by .50's back in spring of 1944. we even have a thread on the painting, some body find it and post it here you will see what I mean
Well, thanks for responding like that.

I posted the ME-109 on (leading aviation art forum) and i said I took John Shaw's painting as a reference.

I'm sorry I forgot to tell that here.

If you think i'm a lying piece of ****, please refer to Ehangar where people like Wade Meyers, Russel smith, james Diets etc post topics.

I'm a bit dissapointed though that you react like that.. is that really neccesary?

I want to become and aviation artist, and every time I take someone elses work as a reference, I will tell.
Gee whiz Ma..... look at the resemblance.....



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Thats my reference. Please dont make it any worse.

I almost always draw form photographs, and I try to draw as may from vintage world war 2 pictures. If you want, ill post my reference of every drawing I made.




Some of my references used for my drawings...

If you want to ruin me or something, please go ahead. I came here with the best intensions, and because I like showing others my work.

And please, before you curse me, ask me first where I drew it from.
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