Some aviation pictures (art...)

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I hate you!

just kidding. Your the kind of artist that makes people like me stop drawing! Your work is VERY good.

Welcome to the site.
Welcome aboard. Great work! I especially like the Beaufighter (always been a big fan of the Beaufighter - it just looks like a warplane).

Yes, the Beaufighter is a nice plane indeed. I might draw another one, I liked to do this one a lot (just not happy about those striped underneath the wing).
Nick that is beautifull m8.You are very gifted if you can draw like that.I was in the Klu for 12 years its great.Could you possible do a De Haviland Mosquito??Welcome to the forum by the way i'm new here too.
Yes, I wanted to draw the Mosquito last week, but I cannot find any large, sharp pictures of it.

I try to draw from black and white photographs because they are most accurate (no restored stuff with removed guns and stuff..).

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