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So how much tracing paper do u have stashed away, out of camera view??? I can see one piece that u forgot to hide before snappin the pic....

And who the fu*k do u think u are telling a Moderator that he's over the top, rude annoying and stupid??? He did tell u how he felt, in his way, just like I did....

I dont believe for a second that u drew those pics... The fact that u conveniently forgot to mention that u drew them from existing photos and drawings is horsesh!t... Kind of an important bit of info there dont u think???

Am I an as*hole??? Yes I am... Am I the Senior Moderator here??? Yes I am.... Do I have the power to ban u for bein a wiseass to a Moderator???

Ur damn fu*kin right I do....

Watch ur mouth around here, ur a noob and we have ZERO tolerance for bullsh!t, and ur startin to stink like it.... This is our site and we police it like its our second home.... U dont like it, take ur traced drawings back to ehanger and let all ur "homies" there marvel at ur artistic talents....
There is no tracing involved. A very good way to get the shapes correct is to draw a grid. I always print my reference twice. One for the grid to be drawn on, and the second one just for the details etc, the one's you see on the photo's.
Grid Drawing - Copying Pictures Using a Grid

And I post my pictures on a lot of forums, and I often mention I draw them from photographs. I just forgot to do that here.

Thats what we mean by grid. I use very small 1x1cm grids, the detail you can get into a drawing is great (you can get it accurate to the millimeter if you want). Every time I am finished doing the linework of the drawing, I gently erase the grid before starting to draw the details. The skulls on the photo's are without grid.

Drawing ain't exactly rocket science.. If you have enough patience, everyone can crank out a good drawing. It just takes a lot of time.

And if you want to ban me, please go ahead. I just don't think that the way you reacted is the correct way in treating members.

Oh yes, and even if I where to trace my drawings, so what? There are no rules in art. I thought many times about tracing, but if I do that, it feels like i've cheated. But still, the shading and stuff is difficult enough.

And what piece are you talking about? The F4F?
I'll just say this. You're a damn good drawer, Nick, but if you want to sell a picture copied directly from a photo, atleast change the markings and paintscheme, as I think someone already said.
Ideally a photo is best used as a reference only, especially if it's not your own.

I myself often work from photographs for detail reasons, but only copy something straight if a friend specifically requests a drawing of a particular photograph. Such pictures are done as a favour or gift, and will never be sold publicly or appear in any exhibition. (The majority of photos in these cases were taken by the person themself too)

At the end of the day, the best pictures come from your own head based upon good knowledge of the subject.

I am a beginning artist. I am only drawing aircraft for about a year. I am still learning, and by copying stuff, I learn.

You are right that it is not the way to go in the long run, but I am still learning. I am not an arrogant jerk that take's no ones advice.. I try to improve myself, but give me the time, and don't just call me all kinds of stuff without thinking first, or just asking me.

Thanks Kenny for that, I agree that respect towards others when a mod is a must. I am a moderator of a Dutch forum myself.

EDIT: Very mature deleting Kenny's post... great stuff..:confused:
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