New French Anti Tank Missle

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>>New French Anti Tank Missle

The warhead consists of white flags, "I surrender" leaflets printed in 8 languages and Welcome to France tourist info!

Sheep don't shrink when it rains because their wool is naturally full of Lanolin.

Very good for the skin, just don't tell your lady that she is rubbing sheep dags on her face. :lol:
As I said when I posted it today (without knowing it has already been posted), this video passed on the news today.

They are from Royal 22nd Regiment training in CFB Gagetown. When interviewed, an officer siad : "We have some of the best equipment in the world."

Riiiiiiiiight... We've got rusty F-18s that are falling apart, helicopters that can not stay in the air, submarines that set themselves on fire and now rockets that don't work... Now, can you say brainwashed officer ? :rolleyes:
What does the Hussar connotation mean, that they're stupid? I never understood that...

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