new member here and see who can identify this aircraft crash on crete

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Jul 23, 2014
queensland Australia
gday to all.
being a new member i thought id start off by saying what a great forum and wealth of information and knowledge this is !
i have this photo of a crashed aircraft cockpit that was photographed during the war by a german soldier.

I have looked at various cockpits of the known aircraft on both sides and so far come up with only that its likely german.

Things to point out...

1/ on the left what at first appears to be part of the front windscreen by its shape has an inspection hatch to its left..
2/ spot what looks like landing and emergency landing gear pull handles and to the left of them the square switch with the dark coloured knob
3/ what looks like on the left the seat frame ?
4/ the cross hair reticle on the top cowling still intact

it appears to me an open cockpit type ?

many thanks for everyones interest and help

I think it's most likely a Gladiator. Less likely would be a Hurricane. That said, there's not much to go on in terms of identifiable pieces. My main justification for the Gladiator is that ring-and-bead gunsights were still used on those aircraft until quite late in their operational careers.

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