Newbie saying hi

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Hello chaps and chapesses, just found this forum and had a browse, amazing what you can google up when you are bored :lol: anyway just though i would say hi and btw who is the resident psychopath to be avoided at all costs (most aviation related forums have one) :lol:
we have several, nice aviatar too, we say to most new members take a look around the past pages of topics to get used to the way things work around here, we're quite relaxed but if you do step out of line we have some heavy weights that'll make you suffer.....have a nice stay!
Hello Chris. Watch out for Bev, she's a bit edgy. She found out she was gay on christmas day ... oh, that rhymed.
i don't know how i found this place, to this day i still maintain CC gave me the link but he doesn't seem to think so..........

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