Northrop P-61 Restoration

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Oct 18, 2006
If you are interested in the P-61, check this museum site
now and then for updates on the progress of what will become
the world's only flying P-61:

Thanks for posting that PR, TwoEagles. I'm the webmaster at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum (among other things ;) and have recently posted some new shots of the ongoing restoration. Check them out, and be sure to hit your refresh button... The Widows Web - Restoration

We have also just opened up a new MAAM On-Line Store If you would like to help get this wonderful aircraft back in the sky, please drop by the store and drop a tax-deductible donation in the kitty.

Thanks very much.

Bill Rambow
MAAM Webmaster
As much as I love to see these warbirds fly again, I have mixed feelings seeing "one of a kind" planes be put into a situation where they could be lost for all time.

These are historic treasures and should stay on the ground. (Sad to say)
While I generally agree with syscom3, vast sums of money being spent on
restorations and preservation come from deep pockets who want to
fly a rare bird. Many have been saved by those cowboys. I was guilty once.
But I would never risk flying the last one of anything...
Well, I disagree.
I grew up in California and went to numerous airshows including Chino, Reno and Mojave air races.
I now live on the east coast and have visited the Smithsonian and Udvar-Hazy museums. Ho-hum.
It IS great to see historic aircraft, but the ones in museums are collecting dust. And although the Smithsonian has numerous 100% accurate and authentic examples of planes, they will never fly again.
There is nothing better than being at the tower at Chino while all the warbirds fly-by! NOTHING! The sound the fury the EXCITEMENT! The pinacle is Reno.
I thank all those people who put their money and time into keeping these planes flyable for our enjoyment. Don't we all kind of live vicariously through them? I know I do.

Its kind of like the difference between SEX and DIRTY PICTURES!
sorry but if this is the only P-61 available to us and the vets keep it out and put it back in a very well protected area. Save it for future generations and do not make it flyable, can you imagine all that expense and hard work destroyed in one silly mishap ? I've seen it before and yes the Chino air shows have been outstanding in years past, besides many others
In the last 30 years I have lost 6 good friends to accidents in warbirds, and
all of them were better pilots than me. I have had some close calls and
while I still get maximum charge from a big engine, it is always with
trepidation. We need to keep warbirds in the air for today and tomorrow,
but when we are talking something very rare, historic, one-of-a-kind, it needs
to stay on the ground. Fast taxi for the crowd and make noise!

BTW syscom3, a Havoc just came out of a small museum in Colorado and
it will be airworthy again, which is that same double edged sword replayed!
geez you might see my point . . . . .

my uncle a retired Lt. Colonel in the US AF killed while flying his WW 1 Camel, yeah restore those old clunkers and get them flying .............crap
I have mixed feelings about them. I love to see them fly again but at the same time if we are not carefull there will be none left.

If it is the only example then I agree it should not fly.

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