P-61B vs Heinkel He 219A-7

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Aug 21, 2006
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How would a nightly engagement over a moonlit Europe end between the P-61B Black Widow and Heinkel He 219A-7? Who would come out on top?
well this maybe the shortest what if on these forums..........the He 217A-7 never flew in action, although there were a couple of them in I./NJG 1. NJG 1 flew A-0's and A-2's on ops in I./NJG 1 and a few in Stab II./NJG 1

no comparison can be done and the P-61 never engaged He 219's anyway
:lol: :lol: :oops: Ok, Let's see just make this between the A-2 and the P-61B then instead. This is just a thought of what would have happened if they HAD run into each other, and each pilot tried to get on the others tail to shoot him down.
My opinion, like in most fights, the better, more experienced pilot would win.

Since most of the Luftwaffe's night fighter crews had more combat time than their Allied adversaries, I'd bet on the Heinkel.

However, if the P-61 was crewed by an experienced pilot/R/O, then the nod could go their way. Also, since you specified a B model that means it could have had a turret fitted, and thus the gunner could have tracked and shot at the Heinkel during the manuevering to put respective noses on each other. Advantage P-61B...........

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