P47 and P51 Groups in the PTO and CBI

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Jun 4, 2005
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Heres a listing for the USAAF groups. Hopefully someone can add the RAF and RAAF squadrons if they flew them too.

There also was a Mexican P47 group that flew in the PI.

10th 14th AF (CBI)
23rd FG (P51's)
33rd FG (P47's)
51st FG (P51's)
80th FG (P47's)
81st FG (P47's)
311th FG (P51's)
1st Air Commando Units: (used both P51's and P47's at various times)
1st FS
2nd FS
4th FS
5th FS

5th AF:
35th FG (P47's then P51's)
58th FG (P47's)
348th FG (P47's then P51's)
71st TRG (P51's)

7th AF:
15th FG (P51's)
21st FG (P51's)
318th FG (P47's)
413th FG (P47's)
414th FG (P47's)
507th FG (P47's)
508th FG (P47's)

20th AF:
506th FG (P51's)
5th AF
For a few monthes, from late 1943 to mid 1944 P-47 were flown also by
36th FS (8th FG)
9th FS (49th FG)
flying P-38 thereafter.

3d and 4th FS(C) (3d ACG) P-51 (Leyte and Luzon from jan. 1945)

Escuadrón Aéreo de Pelea 201 (Mexican Expeditionary Air Force) was attached to 58th FG in 1945.
Also 348th FG had 4 squadrons.

14th AF
3d and 5th FG of the Chinese-American Composite Wing

10th AF
1st ACG (5th, 6th FS (C) P-51 and P-47, then P-51) India from early 1944
2d ACG (1st, 2d FS(C) P-51) India from late 1944

Many squadrons were equipped with P-47 in CBI, but I don't think that any P-51 was used in combat operations. I remember reading some hundreds of P-51 delivered to RAF India, but too late for WW2.
Incomplete list:
no. 5, 30, 34, 42, 60, 79, 113, 123, 134, 135, 146, 258, 261 RAF

Probably no. 84 and 86 Sqn got P-51 in mid 1945 in Australia.


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