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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Since people have been posting pics of their animals in various places, I thought I'd start a topic off for pet pics.

I will start off with They aren't furry and warm, but they also don't mess the rug! They do have personalties though. I am down to 2 tanks from 4, one 46 gallon (175 liter) with community fish, docile and active (Platys, black tetras, swordtails and 2 plecos). The other one is 20 gallons (75 liters) and has my killers, African Cichlids, one regani and one jewelled. I used to have an 80 gallon tank with about a dozen cichlids, but got tired of having weekly bloodbaths in the tank! So it's down to those 2 killers for as long as they live. I have had the regani for over 4 years and he is one bad*ss mofo. He has killed several fish 3 times his size. Hence, we call him Brutus.


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The parrot that has found itself in my front room - name Carrot-Pete - it's a Crimson Rosella Parakeet.


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Thanks, I like them. They are very calming. My 3 year old likes them as well. The really cool thing is that they have been reproducing, so I never have to replenish. Platys and swordtails are like rabbits!
Heres a few, I dont have that many good pics of all of them..


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If I can find my cat, I'll post some pics of the bugga...

(He lives under the adjacent apartment where we used to live...)

Before anyone gets campy and speaks of animal rights, it was his choice, if we let him out of the house, he usually wouldn't return too quickly, so now we leave him food and take care of him...
Seeing as my pictures of the parrot were huge, I took another one and downsized it.


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Free AOL trial CD, that's his mirror.
He did have Shogun Total War Video CD but we felt that was too up market for him.
He's a right little poser, as soon as the camera comes out he's standing up straight and looking at you. I have one of him hanging on his keys upside down but that wasn't on a digital camera, and I have no scanner.

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