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CAC Woomera

Nov 23, 2022
Hey, thought I'd make this place as a general dumping ground of my personal photos and drawings. A few weeks ago I was at an airshow so I thought I'd share some pictures and videos of me wandering around the static displays ft some plushies I own (they actually all have names!) Sherman is called Hobbes, Tiger 1 is Locke, Spitfire is McWatt, Hawk is Clevinger and Vulcan is Orr


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Sorry for not being too active here, I've been very occupied and haven't been able to really contribute to the forum. I have been on a few trips to Sydney however and I expect to post more pictures in a few days as I go on holiday. May also set up my own thread for an aviation museum near where I will be!
Second picture ft my plush Twingo, Kenneth, is from when I saw a play and first is a photo taken while I was walking to see Nick Cave live


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