Photos needed for July 4th presentation

Discussion in 'Personal Gallery' started by RabidAlien, May 30, 2011.

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    Okay, here's the story: I run the video on-screen at my church, and this July 3rd we're doing a patriotic, it falls to me (sorta self-imposed, I guess) to put together the lyrics that will be displayed on-screen. With the appropriate backgrounds. Some of the songs we're doing will have a looping video of a flag in the background, but I like to mix it up and throw still-shots in there as well, some songs just scream out for them. This year, one of the songs we're doing is "Wave on, Old Glory, Wave on" by Wood Newton (yeah....Southern Baptist church singing a country song. Go figger.), and I am in desperate need of a photo from the Normandy invasion that features the American Flag somewhere. I have an image from Pointe du Hoc, where the flag is draped over some rubble on the cliffside, but would love to have something featuring the flag flying from a ship (with the invasion fleet behind it), or from a Higgins boat, or painted on the side of a Sherman, something like that. I have tons of images (literally....almost need a separate hard drive just for historical images!) of the Normandy invasion and various beaches/airborne operations, but nothing that features an American flag. Thanks for the help in advance!

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