Photos of Ugly airplanes

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Last night I was thinking about Syscom3's and Gnomey's comments on the Iraq Mission thread indicating that the SM 79B and 'French Bombers' were ugly, or were among, the ugliest airplanes. I decided to create a new thread rather than tack this topic onto the Iraq Mission thread.

Actually, I kind of like the Bloch MB 210 and the Bloch MB 200....same for the LeO 451.....and except for the sort of humped back shape of the SM 79B, it's not so bad. But still, this is America, or at least where I am everyone is certainly entitled to there opinon.......but I digress.....

I thought I would post a photo of an airplane which captures what the words 'ugly airplane' mean to me.

The Farman 4X. I think this aircraft gives a whole new meaning to the term 'blind flying', please tell me how the pilot would have been able to see where he was going.....or maybe it didn't really matter. It is strictly coincidental that this is a photo of a French aircraft........8)

I would appreciate seeing photos of 'ugly airplanes' from other Board members. Perhaps if this topic is of interest, we could take a vote and come to a concurrence about what makes an airplane ugly (are there any objective factors, or is it purely subjective opinion).

Hmmm.....did a little searching on Google.....apparently, I'm not the only person who thinks the Farman F-4x was ugly.


Details provided by Jack McKillop

This is a French Farman F-4X Jabirus, Farman serial number 1, registered F-AHAF, one of the ugliest transports ever built. The aircraft could carry six passengers. Four F-4Xs were delivered to Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne (CIDNA) early in 1925 but they were not flown very often and were withdrawn from service after a short period. Two were destroyed by the middle of 1925. One of the F-4Xs operated the inaugural Paris-Zurich, Switzerland service on 16 March 1925.

Actually, I was thinking that perhaps this aircraft had an open air cockpit behind the central engine....but haven't seen a photo showing this yet....

....also through Google, found that this topic has sort of been discussed before on this Board; but limited to WW2 aircraft.

The aircraft was based off the design of the Farman F-121 which was the same thing except for the fact that it only had 2 engines instead of 3 like the F-4X up there.

The F-4X had a cockpit behind the middle motor that was open cockpit just like the twin engined F-121.

The F-121 was also known as the F-3X.

The F-4X that you show up there, also had a 4 engined version as well.
At first the Blind flying of Lindenburgh began coming to mind, I hope the pilot was taller than me!
One ugly aircraft! :twisted: 10/10...!!!!

The pilot does not need to be very tall. The cockpit is placed higher than the rest of the aircrafts cabin.
HP Heyford. It was actually well liked, but extraordinarily homely.

There used to be a Saturday morning cartoon called "Catch the Pigeon." A WW1 squadron trying to stop one homing pigeon, Snidely Whiplash was the leader. The Heyford looked like one of the aircraft they flew!!
Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to the designers/engineers and
ask them why they did what they did? And had they seen many other
aircraft from competing companies and countries? Would like to see
the spec resulting in this doorstop / shoehorn!!!!
And had they seen many other
aircraft from competing companies and countries? Would like to see
the spec resulting in this doorstop / shoehorn!!!!

Of course they seen other aircrafts from other countries... but most of them were French :lol:
Originally Żubr was designed for the Polish national airlines, but they refused taking over thus "monster" (probably was too ugly, and they won't to scare passangers :lol:, so DC-2 were bought). Later army was forced to accept a new bomber based on modified design of this pasanger plane (it became reserve for advanced and high risiky PZL-37 Łoś project)
Ok. A few more airplanes which could be considered ugly. Keep in mind that the following three airplanes were brought to you by the same folks who invented the Lamborgini Countach, Maserati and Ferrari......not to mention lasagna.

The Tebaldi-Zari. Submitted as a design for an Italian fighter competition in 1918. It has a top wing, but I think more in terms of 'flippers' for a bottom wing.

Savoia Marchetti S.55x. Someone stuck a motor on a Hobie Cat.......

Nardi FN 305 racer. I don't really care for airplanes with really long noses. :rolleyes:

Meteor Mk. 8 modification. Yes, some consideration because it was a modification and therefore strictly utilitarian in design. But still unattractive.

This photo reminds me of long ago when I was in engineering school. Not many girl engineering students at the time. A friend of mine and I were talking about airplanes when we noticed that a female civil engineering student was listening to our conversation. I stopped, turned to her and asked if she liked airplanes, thinking to invite her into the conversation....she hesitated for a second or two, then said. 'Yes.'. I then asked her what types of planes she liked the best.....longer pause then she said 'The pointy kind.' I think the following photo fits that description.

By the way, FLYBOYJ.....I haven't thought of the cartoon
Catch the Pigeon' in years and years. It seems that Snidley had a shaggy dog that flew with him, can't recall the dog's name....but all he did was laugh with a sound like he smoked 3 packs a day. Snidley Whiplash was also the villain on Dudley Dooright, the Canadian Mountee who was in love with Nell, his commanding officer, Captain Fennwick's., daughter.


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