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God it's good to be back in New York again. Thanks....
I miss that type of greeting.

Thanks Gnomey!
Yes it is. I got it in a 3 way trade from Gary S. I traded my Yak 52 for a 337 then for the 50. As soon as it warms up I will fly it back to Mich.
I knew it looked familiar. I recognize your old bird too. I may have a shot or 2 of that one around somewhere too.


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Nice job! You have nicer pics of my bird then I do...LOL I have some pics that I took with a cheezy sony cam. Just picked up an Eo 10 OLY. I bet your using a Cannon???
I just checked your website out. In my personal opinion…..you should be commended for your work at the cemetery! Darn close to drawing a tear or two….

I think you have the same sense of pride that I do….. Stopping the fascists in WW II.

I will keep the air shots in mind as we have a Yak 11 and a Yak 3/9 that should take flight soon. The pics will need to be shot from the back end of a B 25.

So far a Yak 11, 9, 50 52's and a 47 T bolt. All in formation …… if we can get them all running at the same time….. LOL None of us could come close to that type of quality.

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