Picking Mushrooms? Houby? Funghi?

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Nov 3, 2004
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we were discussing a lot of the weather temp on another MB, also humidity, so it makes me think about growing mushrooms. No drugs, normal "funghi" that are used for meals!

A lot of rain and sun eventually is needed for good conditions, when a mushroom is a type of a mold (Fungus) in fact.

We recognize three basic types - toxic, non-eatable and eatable. Did you ever hear about Hřib (Boletus), Babka (Old-woman), Liška (Fox), Kuřátka (Chicken), Holubinka (Pidgeon mushroom), Muchomůrka (Fly-killer), Klouzek (Putty boletus), Bedla Jedlá, Píchavka (Dusty-one), Hadovka Smrdutá (Snake-mushroom the Stinker), etc...? :lol:

I know that Champignons are used frequently in the West, also I'm familiar with using die Pfeferlinge (that's that Fox) in Germany... But everyone I was ever talking to about Mushrooms, excluding Poles, Czechs and Slovaks, are afraid.

I think that Fungi are fucking freakin organisms and very, very interesting. For example look at this, that fucking scares me...


Take a look: http://www.idsystem.cz/mushrooms/index_gb.htm - interesting page with quantum of material.


hm, you mean growing on bullshit? :lol: the only meaning for word "patty" that i know is a sort of a pancake or so... so do you mean shit? :lol:

yes i think he does, and down here they're also refered to as "country pancakes"................

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