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OK, I received some vouchers for Christmas (as you do) and have decided to get IL-2, from what I have read in this forum the original is not the one to get so it that case do I go for Forgotten Battles or Pacific Fighters (or just the original with the aces expansion pack)??? What would you lot recommend?
The Aces Expansion Pack is for Forgotten Battles, not the original IL2. These days, IL2:Forgotten Battles and the Aces Expansion Pack can usually be found together in a Gold Pack, if you can still find it anywhere. It's probably a bit harder to come by now, but you never know. Your local shops may still have a copy or two kicking around. I still see it for sale at the local EB Games store here. You could probably always find it on e-Bay too.

The ideal thing would be to get all three together (FB, AEP, and Pacific Fighters). That way you get every patch included already, up to patch 3.04 I think it is, and a huge assortment of planes and mission map objects to play with. You can then download the latest patches (that include even more planes 'n things) from Ubi's official site:

As you know though, you could always play Pacific Fighters by itself if you wish, just as with IL2:Forgotten Battles, but you'd only get a fraction of the planes and maps. Pacific maps, naturally.

Go for the gusto, man! Get the lot! :D
Had a look on Amazon and I think I will get PF and FB there (and have some money left over for a book and then get AEP from HMV. How will it run on my PC anyway because if it is going to be lagging, I might not get it and look at CoD or something similar instead?

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My specs are actually very similar to yours (*sigh* :( ), although I have a bigger hard drive, and the game runs great. I do occasionally experience some stutter with the game play when too many moving objects are going at once, but it usually takes quite a bit to cause that to happen. Most of the missions I play take the action in stages or logical sequences, so the action at any one time stays manageable for the most part.

C'mon, go for it. Y'know ya wanna. ;)
The AI has been improved somewhat with the latest patch (4.02). The computer pilots are still a bit predictable, but with the difficulty set to veteran or ace, it's alright. I like it. You'd have to judge for yourself of course.

For anyone who might be interested, here's a good FMB tutorial. It works the same way for both IL2 and Pacific Fighters:
I know how to use FMB, but I dont have the time or patience to set up a mission. Once I put an enemy mistel on there to see what it looked like but it only came up with the Ju-88 part :cry:
Well I purchased it on Amazon today (both FB and PF) so (hopefully) it will be arriving next week. I will get some screens for you at some point as well (although not up to the standard shown - not yet anyway). Will be getting AEP at some point from HMV as well.
cheddar cheese said:
Once I put an enemy mistel on there to see what it looked like but it only came up with the Ju-88 part :cry:
Yeah, that one's a bit tricky. It was a pain in the ass to finally figure out, but I did it. You have to set the Ju-88 Mistel way-points first, and then set a single Fw-190 landing way-point attached to the Ju-88. It usually works. I still sometimes have to frig around with it to get it to work properly.

Or another way that I'd forgotten about is this. It works a little better. This is a mission I created a long time ago, using the Mistel.


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Ok I have got IL-2:FB and PF (I will get AEP next week, when I will also install PF). At the moment I only have FB installed for the reason I just said. What patches do I need? As I haven't seen any on the Ubisoft website but I know there are some to get.

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